Link Resources in Session Description

Share a link to website, Google file, or .pdf document by emailing the URL or file to the MACUL Conference's Speaker Coordinator, Diane Henderson, The MACUL Mobile app and the conference website are updated on a regular schedule. A link to your resource will be added immediately following your session description, and will be available following the next scheduled update. To assure your resources are add and available prior to the conference, they should be emailed to Diane Henderson, no later than February 28.

"Anyone with the link can view" - Share Google Resources and use a URL Shortener 

Copy Link
When sharing Google resources (Doc, Presentation, Sheet, or even a Folder) set view rights so "Anyone with the link can view" and copy the URL. This URL can be very long and nearly impossible to enter manually if need. For example, this is a URL for a presenation: It is recommended you user a URL shortener such as,, or my favorite, I like to use because if you have an account you can customization of the part of the address which following So this long URL becomes: - a much easier address to share with others. If participants want to make a copy of this file, they can go to File and "Make a copy" In the Sharing Settings => Advanced you can "Disable options to download, print, and copy for commenters and viewers" if desired. If you share an entire folder, files can be copied individually.
Prompting Attendees to Create a Copy

Some presenters like to share their files with attendees, and encourage them to make a copy - where they can add their own notes to their copy of your presentation. Notes may be added in a variety of ways, such as by using Comments or in a shared Presentation, in the Notes area. 
Make a Copy
 To encourage attendees to make a copy of your presentation, you can bypass the entire, "Make a copy" by prompting them to make a copy when they click on your URL by making this minor change, delete the "/edit?usp=sharing" at the end of your file address and replace it with "/copy" For example, this link: becomes 
Now all participants need to do is click "Make a copy" and now they have their own version for adding notes. This is similar to when teachers use Google Classroom to create a copy of a Google file for each student. Remember, once a copy is created, any changes to your document will not be reflected in their copy of the document.  And this trick will not work with folders. It only works with individual files.

Make it even more user friendly by using the special "make a copy URL" along with a URL Shortener such as Now a URL such as takes a user directly to the prompt to Make a copy of your file.