Each room will have the following technology:
  • WiFi Internet connection. (BUT, be prepared to go on with out a connection....you just never know) See Be Prepared Below
  • Screen and LCD projector with a VGA and/or an HDMI Connection
  • Head table with power strip.
  • If you need audio in your room, please bring your own speakers.
It is a good idea to visit your room ahead of your presentation to see what is available in the room and that you have what you need to present

Connectors for Display

Be sure to bring the appropriate VGA connection adapter for your device to plug into the projectors.  Because there are so many different types, our volunteer Tech Support staff will not be able to provide adapters.

  1. Apple Mac’s will need - mini display port to VGA converter to connect to the projector

  2. Chromebooks may need an HDMI to VGA or Mini HDMI to VGA or USB-C to VGA connector to the projector

  3. iPad’s will need a lightning to VGA adaptor to connect to the projector

  4. Android Tablets - depends on the model. Check your device specifications to determine which will work for you. Many will use the Mini HDMI to VGA, micro HDMI to VGA, or mini display to vga adaptor.

Be Prepared for Anything!!

Think Backup! MACUL is taking every precaution to make sure that the network is functioning properly and that you will be able to access the Internet for your materials, examples or presentation. But, things can happen.
    • Be prepared to present without a connection.

    • This could mean having the presentation on a USB drive, hard drive or computer desktop.

    • Have screenshots or videos ready to use in place of a live connection

Projecting iPads or other devices

We can’t guarantee that the below listed devices or programs will work on the the wireless network. It is advised that you plan to not have this capability and be ready to present without them. Screen shots or videos may be a good alternative. Another option is to have the appropriate adapter so that the device can be directly connected to the projector.

  • Apple TV

  • Chromecast

  • Reflector app

  • Airserver program

  • Splashtop apps


The room may or may not have sound capability. Assume that it does not and bring speakers with you if you will need sound.


There will be power provided in each room to the table or presentation area. If you have multiple devices that need power, consider bringing an extension cord as a backup.

Technical Assistance

If you need any help with your Internet connection, audio or video setup, please look for a helpful MACUL Tech Support volunteer in a cool green vest. They should be checking on you prior to your session.

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